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Monday, July 14, 2008

The TV Writer's Group

From God's lips through several people, to the Wave-inatrix to the Rouge Wave. Here is a great networking opportunity for burgeoning television writers that is happening Wednesday evening, July 16th, at 8pm at the Cat and Fiddle (6350 Sunset Blvd., near Highland):


Close your laptop and turn off the TV, it's time to hang out with people who are as obsessed with television as you are. If you're looking to start a critiquing group, here's where you'll find your members, and if you just want to do a little networking, this is the place to be.

Feel free to bring friends who are also working or want to work in some TV-related field. But please talk to strangers and expect strangers to talk to you.

The Cat and Fiddle is expecting us. There will be a base table available from 8pm. Just tell them you're with the TV Writers group or look for a gang of writer types.

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Christopher said...

Thanks for this, Julie. I've always wanted to try Cat & Fiddle and I've always wanted to write for television. What are the odds?!

Emily Blake said...

You've got to be careful with that "Look for a gang of writer types."

Once I went to meet up with a bunch of writer types. I saw some nerdy looking people waiting in the appropriate area and introduced myself. We stood around a bit waiting for others, then somebody asked for a pen. I was the only person there who had one. I became suspicious. Turns out they were computer people, not the writers I was looking for.