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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank You Note Question

Rouge Waver Chris asked a great question in the comments section about the Thank You Note post on the Rouge Wave:

My penmanship, to be charitable, sucks. Is typing the body of the message too formal for a simple thank you note?

Great question, Chris, which is why I put it in a post instead of letting it languish in the comments section. No, I don't think a typed thank you note is a problem. Handwritten is obviously better but you're still going to be ahead of the pack that you sent a thank you at all.

As an aside, a book that really changed my cursive for the better - enormously - is Vimala Roger's Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life. Check it out. Seriously, it's cool. Penmanship can be reflective of other things going on; the care and time you put in to something as simple as your signature or a to-do list is an important part of being very aware and present in all that you do. Bad handwriting isn't something you are stuck with. You can change it.

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