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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Citizen Kate

The Wave-inatrix tries to stay ahead of the curve. But it's exhausting. On my desk I have jillions of books, websites, ebooks and dvds that are sent my way to review on the Rouge Wave. Clearly, I am very behind. A girl can only do so much in a day. Thank god for my new assistant, Summer. A girl with a heart of gold, fingers that fly and an answer for everything.

Today, however, while enjoying a lunch meeting at the venerated and venerable Canters (where a few months ago I saw a tired looking Sydney Pollack having lunch; little did I know he was soon to pass away)with Script Department client and brilliant writer, Mike Perri, I learned of Mike's website, Citizen Kate, which Mike along with some colleagues, writes and produces. A really clever site with funny content, Citizen Kate gets a big thumbs up from the Wave-inatrix. Check it out.

Oh yes and I have to mention Strike TV. Really cool beans. The world, she is a 'changin', Wavers.

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1 comment:

The Other Pete said...

It's about damn time you got yourself an assistant. Of all the lessons to learn about Hollywood, the most important is "if it ain't life or death, make someone else do it."