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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Reminder: tomorrow is the deadline for the Silver Screenwriting Competition. By now, Wavers know very well what that grand prize is:

$2,500 in cash
A flight to Los Angeles
Two nights accommodations
A pitching session with Stephanie Palmer of Good in a Room
A day of three meetings with three managers
Cocktails at the Chateau Marmont with Blake Snyder
Lunch with the Academy Award nominated writer of one of the most critically acclaimed films of the past two years.
Breakfast with the Script Department and Ryan Condal, recent six-figure spec sale writer
Free editing, proofreading and polish by David Gillis

So take advantage of the waning hours and submit TODAY.

Congratulations to the nine Script Department clients who made the Blue Cat quarter-finalist list! Mama is so very proud. I also learned just today that another client placed as a finalist in the Moondance Festival competition.

Also, The Script Department will be at Fade In's Hollywood Pitch Festival on August 2nd and 3rd here in Los Angeles. Yep, right there next to the Bliss Spa booth - man, I'm excited! The event looks to be pretty amazing and apparently all but sold out.

Also, keep telling me why we should see your favorite movie of all time.

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Anthony Peterson said...

"As it is in Heaven" is one of my favorite films of all time. Swedish Writer/Director Kay Pollack creates very real characters and weaves them together in a beautifully written story about grace, love, listening and redemption. I simply could not stop crying watching this film. As with many European films, you get generous lashing of stunning wide shots and the obligatory nudie rudie scene (which reveals more about the lead female's innocence). To cap it off, Kay Pollak was kind enough to personally respond to my email congratulating him on this Oscar nominated film.

Christian M. Howell said...

Howdy. Though I don't have ONE favorite movie, I can list Galaxy Quest, Shawshank and Must Love Dogs.

Also, here's wishing me well with the script I just submitted. I won't talk about it though. It's all over my blog anyway.

Luzid said...

What time tomorrow?

Julie Gray said...

Stroke of midnight, PST, Luzid. After which you will turn into a pumpkin. Or is that me? Note to self: read fine print!

Luzid said...

Sweet, I'm going to enter my latest tomorrow afternoon (pre-midnight, Pumpkin Standard Time).

Anonymous said...


We forgot, who are the judges for the script contest? What are the rounds? And will there be a quaterfinalist list posted? Can we see the score for our scripts? And will the judge put some notes on the script, if yes can we see these notes.

Merci Julie!

Julie Gray said...

Script Department readers will be judging the first couple of rounds and then Jim Mercurio and I will judge the finalists. We will post quarterfinalists and semifinalists. Notes will not be returned to the writers, no.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Is it not fair to give us some very very very very quick notes (if any) and a grid score for proof that the script was read.

Julie Gray said...

Sure, that would be very fair. But we don't have the man power to do that this year. And let me ask you this: do you get a grid or notes from Nicholl, Disney or Austin? Blue Cat is very unique in their approach. We have made no bones, from day one, that we are not providing notes. We are operating on trust here, so if you submitted your script and your payment, you have to know you will be read, ranked and moved up. Or not.

The Silver Screenwriting Competition is being run with the same exact ethics and principles as The Script Department or I wouldn't put my name on it.

Anonymous said...

Okay Julie.

But if we did get "something", it would make our day. $50 bucks is a lot of money to some (I know one writer(lol) who lives on $12,000 per year). It's hell out here but I have happiness.

Other contests like Page, Shark etc. gave me the score.

I know you don't have manpower but see what you can do. Maybe in the future you can be even better than Bluecat....

Julie Gray said...

I am grateful for and interested in feedback. This year the SSC is pretty bare bones - we put all of our energy into our prizes and getting the word out there that this opportunity exists. A score sounds like a good idea, perhaps for next year. This year we're already committed to our system. But again, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it :)

Christopher said...

i'm in! and whatever the results, my script is that much better than two weeks ago for all the rewriting i did to get it in shape for submission. thanks jules