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Monday, July 7, 2008

Silver Screenwriting UPDATE

Due to some sort of administrative something or other beyond my ken but, you know, this is why I pay people, Withoutabox is offering an extension on the Silver Screenwriting Competition. The last, and I mean last deadline is now July 15th at 12 midnight, PST. So if you didn't quite catch the July 3rd deadline or have another script that with a quick polish might get lucky, enter before July 15th and you could be the lucky one having lunch with an Academy Award nominated screenwriter, taking $2500 to the bank, having a day of three meetings with three managers and having cocktails with Blake Snyder at the Chateau Marmont - as well as enjoying many other fine prizes.

Submit HERE

And for those of you who are wondering what the screening tonight is all about, here is the logline for Lost Angels:

In Lost Angels, Rachel Allen, a runaway from Salt Lake City , seeks revenge against the man that destroyed her family. The journey takes her to streets of Los Angeles . She finds help when a slightly older runaway, Bishop, brings her into his circle of friends. Crime, drugs, and violence all pose threats to kids struggling to live, love, and keep their street family together.

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Chris said...

may we assume if we got a receipt for our entry from Withoutabox that everything is hunky dory and no further action is needed?

Julie Gray said...

Correcto-mundo :)

Anonymous said...

Lost Angels sounds truly delicious. I would watch it.
But I'm not in town.

Will it be on DVD soon or on the internet. Where can I buy a copy.

What an enticing synopsis, who wrote that?

A good peice of writing art.