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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rouge Wave News Items

For those Wavers who listen, as the Wave-iantrix does, to NPR member station KCRW on a daily basis (Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt = best. thing. ever.) pay careful attention this month. The Script Department is a Fringe Benefits Provider for KCRW and we are one of the featured providers mentioned on-air this month. We are very thrilled. Please let it be Harcourt who announces us. Please, please, please. The Wave-inatrix has a super cupcake crush.

The Silver Screenwriting Competition is now closed for entries. And what a lot of entries we had! We will announce the Quarterfinalists here and on our website on August 22nd and the Semifinalists on September 2nd. The Grand Prize winner and runners-up will be announced on September 10th.

If you don't subscribe to The New Yorker - for shame! - be sure to pick up this week's edition. No, not for the super ironic and controversial Obama cover but for three outstanding pieces of writing:

David Denby's review of THE DARK KNIGHT and WALL-E: pg 92
Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum's brilliant short story "Yurt": pg 75
14 Passive-Aggressive Appetizers in Shouts & Murmurs: pg 39*

*bust-a-gut funny!

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There's no music in Los Angeles anymore said...

Oh, Harcourt and KCRW are NOT the best thing, ever or anytime. Morning Becomes Electric is just okay. But if you want to hear cutting edge and new music (in the AAA format which is what KCRW is), try listening to WXPN's morning show with Michaela Majoun
( from the University of Penn (it streams on line as well) or for that matter just about anytime of the day and you'll soon wonder why everybody raves about Harcourt.

Julie Gray said...

Hey TNMILAAS - I am and always will be a fan of KCRW but thanks for the tip about WXPN - sounds great! And thank you for reading The Rouge Wave.

Luzid said...

So... how many entries did you get?

Julie Gray said...

Put it this way, Luzid - enough to make our first year a smashing success and guarantee a great second year but also not a crazy number; the odds are quite good this year. Better than they ever will be again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie ...

I read the David Denby article.

I'm confused by his article.

Why is it that the crowd who saw the midnite showing of Batman - the Dark Knight, raved about the movie. Everyone was smiling and happy.

They all said it was non-stop action and full of power and energy.

Five years ago a big shot Reader from a big studio told me that I should not use the action in my script to drive the story. And I paid that Company $175.00 dollars and then $250.00 (my fault).

Was he/she ever so wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Batman and other movies like Batman,,,,,,forever in my heart and yes - my scripts are full of a action, energy ....

My day will come!

I have recieved some good and bad coverages.