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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Media Bistro Courses

I get these Media Bistro newsletters all the time - many Wavers probably do too. And I skim over them and delete them. But today I really looked at the upcoming online and on-the-ground courses and I am just blown away by how cool these classes are. One of the finalists in the last Rouge Wave First Person Essay competition was so encouraged that he signed up for a first-person essay class at UCLA. THAT'S the kind of thing that makes me very happy. I always review the classes offered at UCLA - primarily the weekend classes and like a kid in a candy store, I think - oh MAN a weekend course about Shakespeare's Sonnets!! Do I need that? Is it relative to screenwriting? Not really. But WOW how fun! Ongoing education is crucial when you are a writer. You got to feed your mind and the rest will follow.

So check out the current Media Bistro offerings, Wavers, and see if there's a course that appeals to you. Shake off the dust! Stretch those wings!

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1 comment:

Christina said...

I've took 3 Mediabistro courses online a couple of years ago, before I found my current in-person writing groups. They were well run and I still refer back to the course material. I took a personal essay class, a humor class and finally, a 12-week memoir class. The last one was especially good because the instructor shared her own 60-page proposal than landed a book deal. One of my classmates sold their memoir immediately after the course was over with and it's going to published in 2009. She'd been working on it 5 years when she took the course, so it's not like she popped it out in 3 months! Rather, she got the tools she needed to write her proposal and focus her work.

Highly recommended, for people who can't take classes in person. I prefer interacting with people in person. Also, those online courses? There is always one total psycho/nutbag signed up.

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