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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

We have had a large influx of new Wavers lately so for everybody's sanity, I have (re)organized all RW posts from day one, adding some new categories and deleting redundant ones. So hopefully the Rouge Wave archive is more organized and convenient.

Are there Wavers, old or new, who have any topical requests?

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Mike Scherer said...

Topical requests?? Where do I begin?

The biggest bugg-a-boo I have is creating an effective logline. Very hard. Harder than writing the actual script.



J.J. said...

Topical request?

Have you a cure (something topical) for this rash...?

Failing that?

When do you stop taking suggestion/notes/advice for improving your script? At what point is enough enough?

Julie Gray said...

Mike and J.J. - good questions, both. Now, about that rash... :)

I'll put these in the RW mailbag and answer them later this week. Promise.

Anonymous said...

How about a post on what happens to your script after it's been requested and sent. Does it sit in a big pile somewhere? Does it get logged into a giant Hollywood database? Do assistants use it to mop up coffee spills? Does anyone even read it? And, what is the typical path for a script that generates real interest vs. one that ends up in the recycle bin? Thanks!