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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Winner!

Would Meg, writer of the Money Side Up premise line please contact the front desk to collect your prize? Congratulations!

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E.C. Henry said...

As one of the many poor shlubs who contributed, but failed miserably I suck back my pride and offer the fondest of fond "congradulations" I'm capable of in this weakened mental I find myself in. Having never partisipated in Little League sports I have no foundation in myself which constitues how to execute that thing commonly reffered to as "being a good sport."

In light of this the best I can do is say congradulations. I hope this is the gateway for you to bigger and better things. Maybe a $50 dollar Starbucks card? Maybe a Nicholl's Fellowship someday...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

meg said...

And I in turn will take this opportunity to practice being a gracious winner. Thank you for your kind words.

This path we've chosen can be lonely and is not often self-validating so I am happy to see signposts along the way that help me stay on track. Is there anything more motivating than getting some indication you're not totally off base in your efforts?

BTW, e.c., although as writers we each navigate the road alone, there is room for us all to travel along gathering our own unigue experiences. I'm sure you'll have your share. That doesn't require being a good sport, just enjoying the trip. :)

Julie, thank you for taking the time to run this blog. I enjoy it immensely. I did email the front office but my computer has been naughty the last few days so it may not have gotten to you.