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Monday, August 25, 2008

Silver Screenwriting Quarterfinalists

Well Wavers, this is the list of quarterfinalists in the Silver Screenwriting Competition. I know that more than a few Rouge Wavers are on this list but I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone alike. Cupcakes for all of these fine writers! And just think, someone on this list is going to be the Grand Prize winner - it's very exciting!

For your Wavertainment, please notice the interesting titles on this list. Notice the way that one interesting title piques your interest moreso than another. If you had to choose a script out of this list to read, which would it be if all you knew about it was the title? Fun stuff, no?

But again, the main thing is - CONGRATULATIONS to those who made it to the quarterfinals, good luck on advancing to the next couple of rounds!

A Soldier's Honor, Mike Scherer
All The King's Horses, Richard Huber
Another Time, Another Place, Skip Berry
Apricot Harmony, John Killeen
Aurelious Rising, Paul Cooper
AWAY GAMES, Michael Cheung
Bad Rap, Mark Grisar
Bananafish Sandwich, Kevin O'Malley
Battle Mountain, Kristine Hurst
Blood Money, Michael Eging
Blood Snow, Adam Hong
Blowback, Jeff Travers
Body Work, Haik Hakobian
Bridie Molloy, Daniel Donnelly
Bull's Eye, Tamara Farsadi
Business or Pleasure, Sara Zofko
Chapman, Justin Owensby
Christmas 1914, Robert Milius
CROSS MY HEART... Rich Sheehy
Cul-De-Sac, Galen Young
Devil Of Sorrow, Robert Lewis
Devil's Due, Neil Cumbria
FAMILY FIRST, Patrick Barb
Feed the Monster, Rob Rex
Felix the Flyer, Christopher Canole
FREE SKATE, Caitlin McCarthy
Garbo's Last Stand, Jonathan Miller
Ghoul, Kelly Parks
HANGING ON, Matthew Kaplan
Hate Day, David Kempski
Head Games, Scott Marengo
Hunger, Michael Hogan
In God's Name, John Killeen
In Trust, Justin Owensby
Influence, Dov Engelberg
Jam the Flow, Galen Young
Lights on the Lake, Jason Tucker
Loss of Innocence, Eric Gaunaurd
Marry Me, Daniel Korb
Mr. Unlucky , Tony Nichols
Qumran, Mike Scherer
Red Car, P Montgomery
Relative Terms, Deborah Stenard
Revived, Jennie Von Eggers
RUNNING GUN, Mike Bencivenga
Salt and Light, Natalie Zimmerman
Scavengers, Diana Kemp-Jones
Scent of Jasmine, Israela Margalit
Scents of Justice, James Albert
Searching for Ernie, Ron Vigil
She's Got A Way, Elise Stempky
Shooting Bambi, William Goins
Sisters in Arms, Barry Leach
Sleeping With the Lutefisk, Wenonah Wilms
Something For Me, Juan Sebastian Jacome
Sonny Takes to Peru, Mark Hammer
Soulmating, Christopher Bosley
Stakeholder, Stephanie Branco
Stolen Sky, Dan Fabrizio
Stuck on Love , R.J. Berens
Stupid Love, Steven Zelman
Swing, Christie Havey-Smith
The 6, Brandon Vega
The ABCs of Mr.D, Alex Darrow
The Adventures of Zara Zancan in Cactus Canyon, Amy Quick Parrish
The Bermuda Prawn, Patricia Semler
The Bottomless Puzzle, Patrick Daly
The Devil in Saint Nick, Christopher Burns
The Doll, Rich Figel
The Fire Store, Allen Colombo
The Friendliest Evil Clown Around, Michael Pauly
The Goddess, Rafael De Leon Jr.
The Hinge, Vining Wolff
The LAM of GOD, Drew Langer
The Magic of Merin: Inside the Lamp, David Kiez
The Nazi Method, Matthew Grant
The Nutcracker, Connie Tonsgard
The Orchard, Diane Stredicke
The Placeholder, Amy Neswald
The Prisonaires, Mike Freeman
THE SAXON, Nigel Grant
The Spinning Wheel, Natashia Saunders
The Terminals, Matt Umbarger
The Tooth Fairy, Michael Hogan
Through The Grapevine, Shequeta Smith
Through the Night, Edward Martin III
TO THE SEA, Elizabeth Robinson
TOOL, G.T. Field
Tooth Lake, Richard Topping
Truthies, Carlo DeCarlo
Turnabout, Mike Scherer
Turning Annie, Bruce Stirling
Twilight, Sebastian Moretto
Unity, Eugene Langlais
Unsigned: The Feature, Christopher Wasmer
UTOPIA, Kevin Norman
Wait For Me, Brantley Black
white niggers in the woodpile, paul van zyl
World Wide Web, Jason Arnopp
Wrocklage, Stephen Daniels
Yard Sale, Irin Evers

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Edward said...


Dave Shepherd said...

My favorites:

Bananafish Sandwich
Shooting Bambi

I have no idea what they're about, but they both made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Just curious. Out of this list. Any scripts that might rock Hollywood. Any really really exceptional script in this bunch.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Mike Scherer said...

Congratulations to all quarterfinalists. To everyone else--- all you screenwriters--- Please---

Keep Writing!

Anonymous said...


I see another heartbreak coming my way in the near future.

Still pretty cool to make QF!

Jennifer Thomas said...

Congratulations and good luck to all the quarterfinalists!

And thank you to The Script Department, for the smile I shall be wearing for the rest of the day.


E.C. Henry said...

Lots of cool titles. Bet there's lots of cool stories backing those titles too!

Congradulations to all quarterfinalists. Just to FINISH a script is a major acomplishment, let alone make the quarterfinals in a script writing competion. WOW! Help yourself to a cup--. Oops, wrong line, wrong person. Okay, go to Baskin Robins and treat yourself to a grande pistachio almond milkshake, my fave. Mmmm, yummy...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Chris said...

i am mostly relieved that i did not screw up my submission through Without a Box and that (apparently) the correct draft was received.

and that i don't totally suck as a writer.

congrats to everyone who is through to the next round!

Chris said...

and titlewise, "Fort Miserables" and "Sleeping With the Lutefisk" intrigued me

Wenonah said...

:-) Yay! Thank you. Sleeping with the Lutefisk is mine and nearly every time I send this script in someone corrects the spelling to lutefish.

Lutefisk is a Swedish dish made of boiled whitefish soaked in lye - yeah, gross. It's "popular" here in Minnesota. My script is about a Minnesota farming mobster family whose hits ensure them blue ribbons at the state fair every year.

Good luck and congrats to all the QT's! I see a lot of cool titles that intrigue me. Thank you Julie, and all your hard working coworkers and co-readers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, is title a factor of for a script to advance in competition? Did you already read all these QF? or is this list a collective effort of your team? They all sound really cool though.

Julie Gray said...

Hi Anonymous - god that name is so common! - Title is not officially a factor, of course not. But from a personal reading perspective, a good title does pique the interest and whet the appetite, so to speak. We split up the judging between several Script Department readers, so no, I have not read all qf scripts - only my alloted share.