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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole

I have friends who often tell me that they can just start clicking around online and get absolutely lost, following one story and then another. That never happens to me. I'm too busy and guilt-ridden or something. But there is ONE website that I have to avoid because I will get really immersed in it. A website that has been listed here on the Rouge Wave under "things I love" for sometime. A website at which I often print out article after article to read later. So if you're looking for a new addiction that is not necessarily entertainment, gossip or fashion related, if you're tired of reading message boards with rants posted by dullards and fiends, check out Arts & Letters Daily, an aggregate or compendium, if you will, of newsworthy articles gathered from some of the most prestigious news and opinion outlets internationally.

I apologize in advance for the fact that you are about to get sucked down the rabbit hole for many hours. Tell your boss that I'm really sorry. But just think - next time you go to a party, you're gonna knock 'em dead with your fascinating repertoire of conversational topics. Guys - chicks love a smart guy. Just FYI.

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meg said...

You're evil you know. Just evil for posting this. This is the kind of site that I will "treat" myself to when I take a writing break around 11 o'clock at night. Next thing I know it will be midnight.

But wait this is actually research. So you're not evil...just a really, really helpful enabler.

Jennifer Thomas said...

Thank you for this :)

I can't wait to dig in and explore for a few hours.

Sun Singer said...

Oh good, just as I was planning to reform and spend less time reading stuff on the Internet, I stumble into your blog and discover a new way to fall down the rabbit hole.

Thanks (I think),


Julie Gray said...

I had been trying really hard to stay away from Arts & Letters Daily myself but then....I looked. SO MUCH great stuff! You're welcome, fellow addicts! ;)

Anonymous said...

Julie, I need an intervention... oh lo... and you're not helping...