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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looking for Mr. Good Script

The other day the Wave-inatrix had lunch with a gifted up-and-coming director - so up-and-coming he's been offered an AD position on the upcoming season of 24 - okay so wow, right? And he's looking for a ten page-ish short script to produce next. He has preternatural access to top talent (Sandra Oh was in his last short film) and is looking for something with few locations, low budget and a compelling, character driven drama. I would really love to help him out here and help an up-and-coming Waver out too. Here's the thing, don't send me a short script unless it definitely hews to the requirements above and unless it's definitely completely EXCELLENT.

Send your script to me HERE.

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Belzecue said...

"Send your script to me..."

Oh now that's just begging for trouble, LOL. "Hey, did you hear? Julie G is asking for short scripts! Apparently Sandra O and Kiefer Sutherland are already attached! Tell a friend!"

Hey, sure, I'll do my part in spreading the word! ;-)

E.C. Henry said...

What a GREAT opportunity, Julie, thanks for making it known.

The only thing low budget, and character driven I have is a 120 page, urban drama I wrote a couple years back entittled, "The Judas Project." A while back I tried to get Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valdreramma to read it, BUT I came up empty on that.

"The Judas Project" is about a Mexican American's dilema when he's confronted with one of his friend's desire to steal from a fellow warehouse worker. It's "Reservoir Dogs" meet "American Beauty." Begins with Motley Crue's "Wildside" and goes from there. Lots of bang for your buck, and hopefully a couple of very moving scenes in ACT III.

Don't write shorts. I just don't have the passion to do so. MAY have the passion if someone payed me up front, but that's what it would take.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Christian M. Howell said...

Tonight, tonight quoth the Collins. Members of the demo loved it.