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Friday, August 1, 2008

Rouge Wave News Items

I would like to congratulate Script Department clients David Gillis, Jason Thornton, Scott Cramer, Diane Stredicke, Zac Greenbaum and Steve Zawacki for placing as semi-finalists in the Page International Screenwriting Competition! Mama is bursting, just bursting with pride! Cupcakes for all my friends!

The Wave-inatrix will be at the Fade In Pitch Fest tomorrow, in downtown Los Angeles. If you are planning to come and pitch, please drop by my booth and say hello!

For those who will not be there - get some writing done this weekend, right?! Right.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Yes, a big congrats to the semi-finalist.

Would it be possible for David Gillis, Jason Thornton, Scott Cramer, Diane Stredicke, Zac Greenbaum and Steve Zawacki to introduce themselves in this post.

Maybe they could give some quick advice to us aspiring screenwriters who have not placed yet.

This would make our day.

After hearing that I did not place in the PAGE contest, I felt like giving up. I was depressed for the whole day. Which can be long. I thought that "sad feeling" would not go away.

Thanks Julie.

Julie Gray said...

Hey Anonymous - boy, do I know that sad, disappointed feeling. Things like not advancing in a competition can feel really discouraging.

Here's the advice the writers I mentioned would give you: Don't give up. Take a rejection as a challenge. Go ahead and give yourself permission to feel disappointed for a day or so but don't let it take you over. This is supposed to be fun. A rejection, or not placing is not final and not a summary judgment about you or your writing, it just isn't. There is some subjectivity involved in competitions, of course, because that's life. Don't give up, Anonymous, and don't allow yourself to feel sad for very long. Where's that Rouge Wave spirit?! Cupcakes for you, my friend. xoxo