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Monday, June 23, 2008

Short Scene Competition: Pitch, Bitch, Stitch

All righty, Wavers - we haven't had a short scene competition in a couple of weeks. We'll go with tradition and make the words within the scene something mildly related to current events. We've had quite a number of new Rouge Wavers in recent weeks, so if this is new to you, click on Competitions in the right sidebar under Browse Topics.

So here's the deal:

Write a one page scene which contains the words, pitch, bitch and stitch. Words can only appear in action lines or dialogue. The genre doesn't matter. Make it clever; contextualizing the words will earn you bonus points. Entry fee, as always, is nonexistent. Writers who send cupcakes of course do get preferential treatment.

Deadline: Friday, June 27th, 12pm PST

Format: please send your one page scene in either .fd or pdf. Word documents are grudgingly accepted.

As always, I will do the first round of judging. The top three finalists will be displayed on the Rouge Wave for voting on Saturday June 28th.

Prize: A $25 gift certificate to Amazon, AMC Theaters or an appropriately fun coffee shop or bookstore near you.

Submit your short scene HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember if you allow variations on the words (i.e. bitches, pitched)? I don't want to accidentally disqualify myself by making a silly mistake.

Julie Gray said...

Nope - no variations :)

Tony said...

BWAH! I didn't realize variations were verboten. Sadly disqualified.