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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For those Wavers not on the Script Department email list, you missed some great announcements today. We have a lot of good news and so much to be grateful for.

Here are the highlights:

*Margaux Froley Outhred, Script Department business partner and a dear friend has had some amazing news. She has just gotten a staff job as a writer for the new show Filthy Rich Girls, premiering this fall on the CW. And she also just signed with CAA. So good times for Margaux and here's a healthy Rouge Wave congratulations to her!

*Dr. Jeff, our resident psychologist is now officially available through The Script Department. He will be answering a question a week here on the Rouge Wave but you can book a private phone consultation for an extended conversation with him through our site. Send questions for Dr. Jeff HERE.

*The Silver Screenwriting Competition has extended our deadline to July 3rd and we've added some bonuses. Enter your script before June 16th and you will be eligible to win a free pass to the Great American Pitch Fest on June 22nd. That's a $350 ticket, folks.

*Script Department client Ryan Condal has been added to the Grand Prize for the Silver Screenwriting Competition. Well - not Ryan's body or soul (though he is quite a looker) but rather, Ryan will be enjoying lunch at the Ivy with the Grand Prize winner to discuss his recent six-figure spec script sale - GALAHAD. You can learn, straight from the horses's mouth what it took to make that sale and what Ryan is working on now.

*The next Rouge Wave Writing Salon is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th. The fee is $100 and the topic will be Writing Your Character From the Inside Out. The last salon was sold out almost immediately, so if you'd like to participate, contact me HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Margaux Froley Outhred,

I always wanted to know this answer? When writing dialouges for sit-coms and HBO-like dramas, do the writers have a formula,templates or tons of old tv-shows to draw from? For example for the TV show "Frasier", a writer can take some of those dialouges and edit,cut-up,re-arrange and come with some fresh dialouges. Is this how it's done?
I want the truth! I heard that songwriters do this and even Albert Eeinstein also talked about this technique indirectly. Is this technique popular with writers.

I know it's a controversial question, I hope Julie will post this.

And last question, do lots writers who write for sit-coms and other tv-dramas -- do they take caffeine pills etc. or do they have vices or secrets and skeleton in the closet. Some of the best sit-com writers in past have used drugs (from hard drugs to mushrooms to weed) and tons of coffee pills(illegal ones) and even went through fights with divorce lawyers and in deep financial crisis. You know a million condo can be expensive.

Again I hope Julie post this and get Margaux Froley Outhred to answer them, I know I have a point because all the famous sit-com writers are always fighting personal demons and lot of us are in a state of denial.