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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Ocean of Creativity

Or - also, a salinated pool also works. I suppose chlorine can be tolerated. But you know - it's all a metaphor anyway so what the heck. Like you, the Wave-inatrix is first and foremost a writer. I know, I know, with the Rouge Wave appearing daily and of course my script coverage business, you're thinking - but Wave-inatrix, when do you find the time? It's tough for me. Just like it is for you, Wavers. Often times, I am in story analyst mode here on the Rouge Wave, and we talk about do's and don'ts, how to slug your script, why malaprops make me crazy, whether you should use three brads or two (TWO please) but right now I am doing what most of you are doing - I am knee deep in the process of writing a script. Not rewriting, not tweaking - creating the story itself.

The other day, I mentioned how the siren call of laundry, dishes or whittling a tiny grizzly bear suddenly seems quite urgent when you are staring at a blank page. But the writer's mind is always working, it really is.

The Wave-inatrix is a lap swimmer and I have been for many years. Just yesterday I swam a mile in the amazing pool at the downtown YMCA here in Los Angeles, with stunning views of the glistening skyscrapers that tower over downtown LA. And as I swam, I thought - wait - does this make 15 laps or 16? I should really do a backstroke or three now - god I hate it when I get water straight up my nose - that guy in the other lane is HOT - then it hit me - Aha! A small but brilliant twist for my new thriller. It was perfect! And it came to me completely out of the blue pool water.

Sometimes the harder you stare at that blank page the more your creativity recedes like a sullen child. No! I don't wanna play! I won't! I won't! I won't! And there you are. The frustrated steward if a tiny little brat.

Exercise is a great time to let go and let your creative mind come out to play. When you are in that strange zone, somewhere between relaxed and very focused. Besides, let's face it, we writers spend inordinate hours on our cute little behinds - we need to move those muscles and let that blood circulate. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

So make sure that you give your creative mind time to percolate all on its own and you might just get a good workout in while you're doing that. Multi-tasking. It's the new black.

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