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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sending Comments to the Rouge Wave

Good afternoon, Wavers! I get a lot of comments sent into the RW; some that encourage dialogue and ask questions and have differing views - which I am happy to print and respond to. And some that are crazy, Red Bull-induced screeds and rants. Those you don't see because they are not productive. Someone sent a screed about readers being useless and that I don't like violent movies. Untrue on both counts. My top ten things readers hate list included gratuitous sex and violence - for those who might infer that means I personally don't like violence or action movies, I would encourage you to use your dictionary and look up gratuitous. So here's how you can get your comments published on the Rouge Wave:

Be polite and respectful
Do not use foul language or ask inappropriate personal questions or favors
If you have a differing opinion or experience, politely state your case and back it up

I am all about encouraging discussion and opinions. You don't have to agree with the Wave-inatrix, you don't have to send me cupcakes (though it helps; I did receive a dozen by messenger today, funnily enough) but you do have to make sense and be polite. That's just the Rouge Way.

Thank you. End transmission. Now get back to work.

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PJ McIlvaine said...

Now now play nice!

odocoileus said...

I could send you a few boxes of year old Twinkies.

Sure, they've been out in the sun, and the cream filling is more like gruyere cheese at this point, but those industrial strength preservatives keep that yellow cake nice and spongy.

Mmm. I think I'll keep 'em all for myself.