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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Wave-inatrix Must Chastise

...of the hundreds of readers who visit the Rouge Wave each day, a scant few have taken a moment to read and vote on the Halloween Short Scene top 3. C'mon people! Those writers worked hard and they deserve a brief few moments of your time. Won't you please take a moment and vote?

The scenes can be found HERE.

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IM Anonymous said...

Okay, since I'm not in it, I'll vote. Anybody ever mention to you that you're a lot like a jewish Aunt?

Julie Gray said...

Lol - is that better than being a Jewish mother? Which I actually am? :)

IM Anonymous said...

The guilt is just a bad, but it's delivered with a smile and a smack on the head, followed by the words, "Let me make you something good to eat. want a cupcake?"

Julie Gray said...

LOL - and they just can't resist...