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Monday, November 12, 2007

Canadian Geese

Where the Wave-inatrix grew up - not Canada but not far - flocks of hundreds of Canadian geese flew overhead in the autumn, their arrival heralded by a forlorn honking which grew louder and louder until it was joined by the sound of their wings. Then it faded as they continued on, far overhead. Afterward, the young Wave-inatrix was left with only the sound of the wind in the tall pines and the bite of cold air on her young, rosy cheeks as she gazed after the geese and wondered about their far flung and exotic destination.

Today the Wave-inatrix notes that no one is honking for the WGA picketers. Thinking they had relocated or somesuch, I just checked - they're there. Picketing silently. Drivers have become inured. Wavers, despite my earlier silly complaints, if you live in Los Angeles, please honk when you see the picketers. Their stoic determination must be borne aloft by your support; borne up and over the fences and hedges, into the offices and ears of the studio execs who should not and cannot ignore what goes on outside the security gate.

And now, back to our previously scheduled guest blog:
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Christina said...

If I was in LA, I'd be honking a lot.

I would just like to report that everytime I look at your site, I see the damn cupcakes and want one. It's amazing that a picture can actually make me salivate.

Julie Gray said...

Hi Christina! Yes, they are enticing aren't they?! The ones I brought to the WGA strikers today weren't nearly as pretty. But Mama-natrix does her best. Thanks for reading!

Yoda said...

Consider this a virtual honk from San Diego!


Yank Azman said...

This Canadian hyphenate American goose is a honkin' too. And my Imac comes with iOlfactory, so I can actually smell the fresh baked goods.

dougj said...

I used to live in one those exotic destinations: Oakland, CA. The local park was rife with Canadian geese and it was hard to go for a walk without stepping in their ...calling card.

I suppose there are much worse things things you could do to show support(or lack of) so yes, keep up the honking.