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Monday, November 5, 2007


...Well, today's the day, dear Wavers. The day when the pencil meets the road. Writers all over Los Angeles, New York and who-knows-where shall be picketing their former employers as they demand fair treatment from the AMPTP. Strikers, you have the full, unconditional support of the Wave-inatrix and I'm just guessing 98.5% of the Rouge Wavers. To make today a pleasant and effective one please don't forget:

*Comfy shoes. Hours walking in circles in bad shoes, as all women know = ouch!

*Sunscreen. Sure, it's a little foggy this morning but this is LA, people. The Wave-inatrix recommends spf 30, minimum; writers seldom see the actual sun. Be prepared.

*Sunhats or baseball caps (you hear me, IM?) to both shield from the damaging affects of the sun and make you look cool and writery. Fedoras also accepted. Wacky hippy/summer of love hats...not so much. We need to be taken seriously, folks.

*Water. Don't forget to hydrate. No, coffee does not count although yes, you will need that first bucketful.

*Picket-Partner for potty breaks. Find your partner today - bond for life.

*Index cards - you know you're going to come up with like, a thousand funny or sad ideas today.

*Strike signs and sharpie markers - get creative, people! You're writers for chrissakes! Think: Norma Rae. Simple yet memorable + universally resonant!

*When you get tired, summon the will of Bette Davis, the fire of Dorothy Parker and the determination of Cesar Chavez. Think: Grapes of Wrath.

The Wave-inatrix shall be attending the AFM later today with a colleague; we shall duly report on our findings.

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IM Anonymous said...

And a sense of humor (plus a high anti-boredom quotient).

Julie Gray said...

Ah - by the way, IM - red shirt = very funny. You all had damn red shirts on, lol. I plan to show my support and go visit the line tomorrow or the next day and bring 2 or 3 dozen cupcakes when I do. Perhaps we shall meet at last, my friend!

WilliamMarkClarke said...

As a aspiering screenwriter go get them guys. I am a former union guy with the Nevada Department of Corrections. I could help you all for a day if you want to walk a the pickets.