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Monday, November 12, 2007

Walk the Line

....this just in: picketing is harder than it looks. The Wave-inatrix took two dozen cupcakes over to the CBS picket line and joined what looked to be 50 to 60 picketers and walked the line for a little over 3 hours. Passersby honked when waved at enthusiastically. Total strangers pulled their cars over and dropped off water and coffee. Writers chatted and mingled. Teamsters crossed the line and were intermittently harrassed. The Wave-inatrix met and talked to a writer from the Bill Maher show, Jimmy Neutron and - Ed Helms of The Office. He was lovely and threw in with the writers for a number of hours. The cupcakes disappeared in record time, leaving only crumbs and frosting mustaches. The strike captain handed out lollipops, powerbars and water. I met writers who'd been in the guild for years, I met a writer who'd just sold a Muppets special a week prior to the strike and had finally been admitted to the guild. The mood was upbeat though the sun was hot. The Wave-inatrix will definitely be back to support the guild in upcoming days and god forbid - weeks.

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