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Monday, November 19, 2007

Picket Line Update

Well Wavers, the Wave-inatrix hit the picket line again today and we had quite an adventure when two imposing black Escalades approached the CBS gate and tried to turn right into the studio while the picketers had the green "walk" light right of way. Picketers walked around the Escalade painfully slowly but they did have the light. The light was long, however, and two burly body guards got out of the crosswalk and began yelling that we had to get out of the way. One writer confronted the body guard who tried to grab his picket sign - shouts of calling the police went up - the body guard said "Do you know who is IN this car?" and informed us of his precious passenger, Celine Dion. Tempers got pretty heated there for a moment but finally the Dion Parade snaked its way past the picketers and into the studio without a backward glance.

Other picketing highlights at CBS today:

*Danny Bonaduce riding his bike past us and giving us the power salute and shouting that he was not working.

*Meeting the completely delightful David Mahony, who wrote and will be directing his first feature film FAT KID next spring (strike willing)

*Meeting the extremely humble co-writer of Beetlejuice and The Adams Family, Larry Wilson.

*Enjoying a survival snack of water, raisins, breakfast bars and cheese sticks delivered by a supporter who had stapled to each bag, a Winston Churchill quote: "...never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never - in nothing..."

*Meeting the funny, warm and friendly Shawn Thomas, executive producer of Trailer Trash, a fun and innovative television spec series that I think Wavers will quite enjoy.

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dougj said...

"Do you know who is IN this car?"

I think the appropriate response to the answer of that question would have been a chorus of laughter.

I just hope she wasn't there to discuss a 'Celine Dion reality project'. Unless it's based on the story "The Most Dangerous Game".

Lucy said...

Beetlejuice! God I love that film... Saw it when it came out, I was about 8 and saw it on the sly... "Nice BEEPING model!" Ah, those were the days when the F word was so infrequent it was still funny like that. Now? It's in scripts I read every other word.

Yoda said...


I love posts like this. Makes it real for those of us not in LA.

Doug's answer to the "Do you know who..." question is great, but a better response might have been, "Do they know who is OUT HERE on the PICKET LINE?"

Never Give Up,