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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, Wavers - we belly-crawled over the finish line to the weekend with a minimum of injuries, one slight hangover and just a minor case of tintinitus owing to the honking of strike supporters, but you know, it's all good Wavers. The doctor says I should regain my hearing in just a few short weeks after the honking stops.

Today Wavers are free to comment with impunity (make good choices, people!) and the Wave-inatrix will look the other way. Power to the People! It's IM's dream! Where are you by the way, IM-y?! Mama-natrix misses you.

This week the Wave-inatrix grappled with interesting, totally unrelated questions like:

*Is it just me or is Donnie Darko a super cool/weird update on Harvey? The Wave-inatrix owns it, loves it but what is UP with the ending?! I'll be honest, I adore the movie but mostly for the Halloween party sequence with Under the Milkway by the Church...Also, Grandma Death is cool. And I think I've seen that rabbit.

*Where does the expression "flip the bird" come from? I mean, yes, sure, I've seen it. I've done it. But - flip + bird - where does that phrase originate?

*Michael Jackson - "Off the Wall" - overlooked classic?

*Robert Smith of The Cure - is it me or does he look like Edward Scissorhands now?

*Howie Day - Howard Jones update? Look at that hair. Not quite Kajagoogoo but it's dangerously close.

*Cancellation of Heroes - Origins - blessing or curse?

*Nikki Finke - the new Woodward and Bernstein? The Wave-inatrix admits to a heated journalistic crush. I love you, Nikki and - who are your sources, damn, girl!

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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IM Anonymous said...

Nikki Finke: More like the next Stephen Glass.

Donnie Darko. The metaphysical dark side of Harvey. Cool beyond words. And is along with Ghost Dog and Panic in my top ten fav movies of the last twenty years.

Flipping the bird: Has origins in Greek play writing (notably, The Clouds), and in modern times there was an 1886 baseball player who while posing for a team picture stuck up his middle finger, but my favorite is the painter in Louisiana who painted a 30 foot Mickey Mouse flipping the bird. I think walt would be proud of that one.

Michael Jackson: Off the wall is the title of his self-written bio, right?

Heroes cancellations: ummmmmm...why, what, when, where, who cares?

And take a good look. Might be time to go, I think I'm bored with this blog stuff already.

Fun Joel said...

"tintinitus?" Is that when your puppy is inflamed?

Sorry I didn't make it out tonight. Working.

Julie Gray said...

We missed you, Joel! A fun time was had by all but don't worry, Game Night will become a every-few-weeks tradition.

IM - Yes, blogging can become time-consuming. Know what you need to do? Contact mama-natrix and send guest blogs under your nom de plume. That way you blog only when you damn well feel like it, don't keep up your own blog and we combine our super-powers. Think about it my friend. You could be in line for regular cupcakes :)

lisabeth said...

Ah, nothing like researching a question of Etymology when you can't fall asleep. There's plenty out there on the middle finger salute which does indeed seem to go back to classical (ha!) times,, but why the bird reference?

I found two links that dealt with it indirectly, one that deals with the shape the other fingers make, which I guess kind of do look like birds wings, and one with the origin of the term itself:

do a find for flip the bird and you will get to the relevant spots.

Meanwhile, freedom of expression is a wonderful thing but why do car horns have to be so loud and unmelodious! What's strange is that one of the things that weirded me out most on my recent visit to LA was that no one HONKED! To this NYer it was very strange and almost eerie, I guess if I had stuck around longer I would have felt more at home!