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Thursday, November 8, 2007

WGA Strike: Up Close & Awkward

...just how is one to honk merrily as a sign of support when one passes picketers? One long blast? Several short beeps? But what if you are at a red light right next to them? Do you honk and then smile awkwardly? Or do you wait for the green light and then honk so you can be spared that embarrassing moment?

As many Wavers are aware, the Wave-inatrix lives within spitting distance of CBS, ergo two drive-on gates and dozens of WGA picketers. Oh, it was fun at first. Hearing all the honks. All day. For the fourth day in a row. Yay strikers! We love and support you! But now, I'll be honest - the thought of weeks and months of this honking - it's not sounding so good. Will motorists continue to honk in support? Will picketers continue to show up in such numbers? Only time will tell. Time and a pair of earplugs.

Don't get the Wave-inatrix wrong - we all know how much I support the writers and their cause. But I'm thinking - would a simple thumb's up be so bad? Or a peace sign? A keep rockin' Ozzy salute? How about eye contact?

Waverly yours,
The Wave-inatrix.

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Marci B. said...

wow - what a wonderful blog! I am chuckling to myself, thinking about the honking. I live on a beautiful park, which is 90% a good thing. Of course, the park has activities, fairs, markets, and carnivals... and thus live music, screaming children, barking dogs. Yet - how can I complain :)

Fun Joel said...

You may want to consider finding a library or Starbucks to start working out of, Julie.

The honking is designed to bother the execs inside the lot (I have no idea how effective it is, and that probably depends on the lot itself -- at Fox, the Exec offices face right onto the street, next to the main gate). Not impugning your support of writers. Just saying that no, a thumbs up ain't good enough.

And in terms of how to do it, I'll tell you that the longer and louder, the better. At least that was the feeling on line at Fox yesterday!

Julie Gray said...

What? I'm sorry, Joel, I was outside with a tin pan and wooden spoon...
(banging forehead against table) It's time for Judge Wapner.

IM Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh...another chant, another horn, another day of walking the line...I'm hoping somebody comes up with a way to connect air horns to their cars instead of those bland ordinary car noises. A few weeks of long blasts of air horns will drive the execs crazy (well, okay, more crazy) and maybe move them to a settlement offer, if for no other reason than to just get rid of us.