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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Slumdog of Sundance

I was meaning to blog each day for at least the first weekend since that's when most things go on, but we decided to take an already busy schedule and throw in a 24 hour film competition. So friday I wrote a 3 page script in roughly 20 minutes, went to meet up with some people that manage the main hotels for the week (Hotel Park City, The Yarrow, etc) to see about getting into certain events, then shot some scenes, and then went back to Park City. For friday night we weren't on any lists so we just figured we'd show up and see what we can do. We did talk to some publicists, via our friend April, about possibilities for us later on this week. We'll see...

Like I said, Sundance is about the parties. celebrities, money, etc. Not that I care about those things very much, but those are the things that get films made. Specifically, and hopefully, my films. So we went up to some place on Main Street (If you've never been, most of Sundance takes place on this street.) This place had a huge line. We slip up to the front and the doorman is telling everyone how it's at capacity. No one can be let in. Even on a list. Riight. I think they just say that. And my theory held true because the guy turns away all these people, but looks at my friend and I and says, "You two can go on in." Random? Yes.

After the party we went to go shoot another scene for this 24 hour contest. Part of the competition was they give you a prop you have to use. Haha, Therefore, I was dressed in a match costume, lol, and couldn't even move! I'm at the top of the stairs with no eye holes, hoping to God I don't trip and plummet down the steps.

We were up until 9:30 am shooting, but had to be at some SAG panel at 10:30. Haha...needless to say, we missed the panel. (A friend took notes for us, though.) Apparently an increasing number of projects are starting to be shot in Utah. Not just indie or LDS films either. (Nothing against either of those -- great films are great films regardless) But some major productions are deciding to shoot here as well. Anybody out there with any Utah contacts might want to consider this.

So we didn't make it to any screenings today (but we do know some volunteers who can hook us up -- another important thing to consider -- be a volunteer at Sundance. A lot of times you can even get a place to stay up in Park City for free.)

Instead, we met up with other friends to catch up and talk about projects. I met a few possibly good contacts at random places (waiting in lines while avoiding the cold, at a couple parties) who are looking for writers. Again, we'll see...

A lot of the celebs we're out to play today. I heard about tons of them, but only saw Ashley Judd, Brett Ratner, Alan Cummings, Kevin Bacon. I've noticed how much friendlier they are than what you would see on TMZ. Pretty sure it was Kim Bassinger today walking in front of me. Some girls pointed and screamed how much they love her. She smiled back and said she loved them even more. Easy enough, but still polite and kind.

What am I forgetting? Oh yeah went to an Ed Hardy show (and we might be heading to an Ed hardy party here pretty soon, but we're exhausted and our contact for it hasn't texted us back yet.)

Tomorrow I've got a meeting and I'm determined to finally go see one of the films. I'm hearing a lot about the 500 days of summer one. I love how people will ask each other "is this a good one?" "what have you heard?" "Yeah, it's supposed to be good." "No, I have no idea what it's about."

Just like last year, Sundance isn't changing my life, but it's fun and you can definitely meet people. So far I'm enjoying it despite the lack of sleep and cold philangees.

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