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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Logline Competition

Okay Wavers - this is gonna be a whole lotta fun. Lotta, lotta fun. We're going to try something really different. Let's see who can write the most compelling, original, pithy logline that you could actually pitch in a room. A logline with a clear genre indicated, with conflict, cinematic potential and a unique main character . All in 50 words or less. Sounds impossible, right? Well, no it's not. So let's give it a shot!

Any genre
50 words max (strictly enforced)
Must include the following: A sailor and a pirate. Doesn't matter which is the antagonist or protagonist. Just use a sailor and a pirate.

Wednesday, February 4th, 11:59pm Pacific Time
Submit HERE

$25 gift certificate to the online vendor of your choice.

Heh. That would be hilarious.

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Seth Fortin said...

Woo-hoo! New contest!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie.
For getting us to work.
Most aspiring writers need leaders like Julie to aspire us.
And also to guide and supervise and to provide good coverage and notes.
Thank you Julie : the Queen of Positivism. Are you sure you're not the Depak Chopra of screenwriting...


Milli Thornton said...

I'm a new Waver. Just got here today. I'm also new to screenwriting (currently finishing my first script).

Loglines terrify me.

My negative belief system about loglines tells me I couldn't write one to save my own child. So that's one killer reason why I need to enter.

The other? If Julie is truly the Queen of Positivism then I must change my negative attitude or begone...

(...and I wouldn't want to leave; this blog is too good).