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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Put Your TiVo to Work

So earlier today while nursing a slight cold and doing Very Useful Things, I noticed that my TiVo didn't have my favorite channels listed. Despite the fact that I actually don't watch much in the way of TV other than Seinfeld reruns and the occasional - OKAY FINE - Dancing With the Stars, I chose a handful of faves. Then began flipping through them idly (wow cold medicine makes you feel all fluffy inside) when I noticed a plethora of movies that I either haven't seen or I loved. Check out this fun list:

JOHNNY BELINDA: Ahhhhh....never saw it? Has Jane Wyman? Good enough for me.

A DRY WHITE SEASON: Ohhhh I remember when that came out. I remember the trailer which may be why I have a vague sense I've seen this when I'm pretty sure I have not. (Does that happen to anybody else?)

BATS: Wait, didn't a friend tell me recently this is a HILARIOUSLY bad movie? Always TiVo the Funny-Badness.

NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER: Esther Williams, technicolor, synchronized swimming. Thank you. You're welcome.

CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY: That is definitely a movie I think I thought I saw. Either that or the Long Term Movie Memory disk is offloading information. Anyway, South Africa, politics, tragedy, based on a book...Must seem serious and learned at parties concerning such.

HELLBOY: Have not seen that. And really should have. Whooo - just saved three bucks at the video store!

NINOTCHKA: Have not seen this. Oh Greta. I'm never as lonely as when I'm with you.

IT WAITS: This looks like a tragi-comically bad movie. Must TiVo the Funny-Badness. Always.

THE PETRIFIED FOREST: Horrified to admit I have not seen this. But - should I be? Ohhhh okay, Bette Davis and Leslie Howard. Done.

MARTY: I just gotta know why that line in QUIZ SHOW was so significant. Plus, two words: Paddy Chayefsky.

I WANT TO LIVE!: I am 95% sure I have seen this sort of goofy Susan Hayward tear-jerker. But what the hell. Live dangerously.

THE ITALIAN JOB: Haven't seen it. Might like it. Not that invested.

FIERCE PEOPLE: What's this?! Diane Lane movie I haven't seen?

SHAMPOO: Due to an intense aversion to Warren Beatty when I was a child (god I despised the whole overtan, tight white pantsed, hairy chest, gold necklace thing in the '70s, among so many other things) I have not seen this. And I should.

Are you making the most of your TiVo? Check out the future listings today and see if there are any movies on your Hall of Shame or What the Hell lists. It's fun, it's free and Wavers know how aspiring screenwriters with a dearth of film viewing hours particularly when it comes to seminal and classic movies gives me an EYE TWITCH. Do it for mama, guys. Watch more movies.

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kari said...

"Ninotchka"! One of my favorite comedies ever -- you so seldom hear about Garbo these days, which is a shame. She was amazing, in that real silver screen kind of way. (And Susan Hayward! Melodrama at its finest.)

Christian M. Howell said...

I grew up in front of the TV. I've seen almost all of those. I'm working from home right now watching movies.
You gotta see Martian Child. Strange but touching. Classic John Cusack.

Anonymous said...

Not watching Shampoo based on incorrect aversions against its producer and male lead actor, Warren Beatty, is plain dumb. It's one of the sharpest, funniest, social commentaries of its time, brilliantly co-written by Robert Towne and skillfully directed by Hal Ashby. Fantastic ensemble cast with Jack Warden, Julie Christie, Lee Grant and Goldie Hawn (together with Beatty) all at the top of their game. A definite classic and a definite must see.

Julie Gray said...

Dear Anonymous: I was twelve when I made the decision not to see SHAMPOO. Lighten up. I think we can all agree 6th graders are pretty dumb. :)