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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Slumdog of Sundance

Have you ever wanted to go to the Sundance Film Festival? I'm torn. The friends I have who have gone complain of the bitter cold, the scene-y atmosphere and the lack of quality films. But sure, I'd go just once to say I did. I might do it next year. But for this year, The Rouge Wave has a mole at Sundance. My friend DJ has made his way out there as of yesterday and will be sending Rouge Wavers blog reports of his experiences. Armed with the list of the hottest screenings and parties to talk his way into, he's mostly winging it so we'll take what we can get.


So here's our first message from Sundance:

So I just got into Utah. Cold! Nothing really happened today. I think this is partly due to the festival being cut back so much this year and most people just getting in or coming in Friday. It sure does seem scaled back. Way fewer parties from what I've been hearing.

So tonight I just walked around with my Utah filmmaker friends Colton Tran and April Frampton. (I won't bore you but they're amazingly talented. Colton's directing Aunt Sylvia's List, April does PR/pretty much everything.) We talked to some other people and just put together our game plan for the week. We saw Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue! April was joking and called out to a guy she thought looked like him. Turns out it was him. He said all of hi.

So tomorrow (16th) is when things really start going. So far what I have planned is a couple meetings, some screenings, a couple fashion shows, some parties of course. Sundance is all about the parties.

And yes, I promise I'll mention any celebrities I see. Last year I remember seeing Jimmy Fallon EVERY SINGLE DAY I was there. It's like he was omnipresent. I know as writers we don't care about celebrities...but let's be honest. You know you do.

DJ Halferty has written in the independent world writing paid assignments. He's optioned a script and recently signed a purchase agreement for teen comedy Aunt Sylvia's List, which he's currently doing rewrites on. It's in development/pre-production to be shot in Salt Lake City, Utah later this year.

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Anonymous said...

DJ! I cant believe you saw my idol Nikki Sixx!!!!!! in a way I too saw him since we are brothers. im enjoying your blogging haha. keep it up man.

anonymous..*hint [i am a member of a fantastic boy band featuring a didgeridoo]