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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slumdog of Sundance: Part II

Wow, I will probably irritate quite a few people with this but -- I have still not seen a film yet. It's not that I don't want to. I really, really do, it's just that I'm a young writer trying to meet people and when opportunities arise I feel I have to take them. So maybe this blog is more about networking then anything.

Yesterday we went to several parties. Two were at Hollywoodlife for premiere after-parties. One for a film Denise Richards was in, I'm not sure the other. Paris Hilton was there with her many assistants. She of course was upstairs in the blocked off section, but it's not like meeting her is going to help a screenwriter's career anyway, right? Or maybe it would?

I met tons of publicists. I guess that makes sense. It's just funny that they would take an interest in a writer. I guess everyone needs publicity these days, though. They are great people to meet at parties because they introduce you to people right there on the spot. I met several people that way.

I met one of the producers of Harry Potter - she was very sweet and her husband was so nice. We talked to him quite a bit actually. She just did a documentary called The Cove that was at Slamdance I believe. We were at the after-party for it when we met her.

I'm loving Sundance. I've probably made over 10 valuable connections through it and already have meetings for next week when I get back to LA. And a name actor who recognized my director from the New York Film Festival told him he's interested in one of the roles for our movie!!

Monday was again more parties; however, Park City seems to be winding down. We went to Rock Band Lounge for the premiere after-party of Once More With Feeling. It's in Sundance noncompetition but it's nearly sold out for the entire week! Awesome because I have mutual friends with the filmmakers and I love when little films get some buzz!

I really want to go to the Slamdance happy hour. Some of the greatest people I've met both this year and last year have actually been at Slamdance events, not Sundance.

I promised myself I will see a movie if it's the last thing I do. How can I not?

DJ Halferty has written in the independent world writing paid assignments. He's optioned a script and recently signed a purchase agreement for teen comedy Aunt Sylvia's List, which he's currently doing rewrites on. It's in development/pre-production to be shot in Salt Lake City, Utah later this year.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're taking pictuers. By the way its your tuen to clean the bathroom when you get back to LA.