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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver Screenwriting Semi-Finalists!

Phew. Here they are guys - the top 18 scripts of 500 submissions. I've been the phone all afternoon, calling each one. There are some damn good scripts on this list. Good luck to everyone on the next round!!

Blood Snow – Adam Hong
Freebird – Hilary Graham
Influence – Dov Engleberg
Jam the Flow - Galen Young
Lucifer’s Bounty – R.D. Wright
Mr. Unlucky – Tony Nichols
Shooting Bambi – William Goins
Sleeping with the Lutefisk – Wenonah Wilms
Snilderholden’s Jungle – Jennifer Thomas
The De-Haunters – Calvin Field and Bryan Bagby
The Friendliest Evil Clown Around – Michael C. Pauly
The Lam of God – Drew Langer
The Orchard – Diane Stredicke
The Terminals – Matt Umbarger
The Warrior Within – Nicholas Wright
Through the Night – Edward Martin III
Unsigned: The Feature – Danny Musengo and Christopher Wasmer
Wrocklage – Steve Daniels

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Dave Shepherd said...

Still love that title -- Shooting Bambi.

I think the De-Haunters is good too.

(titles, haven't read the scripts obviously).

E.C. Henry said...

You're so blessed, Julie. All those scipts sound like they would be fun reads. Good to know there are still some good stories kickin' arround, AND good writers to boot!

Congradulations to all semi-finalists, love to buy a beer, BUT you have to come up to Bonney Lake, WA to collect on that.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Julie Gray said...

I am crazy-blessed, EC. I really am. I am unbelievably grateful for and appreciative of all the joy in my life. And the Rouge Wave, The Script Department and the SSC are all borne forward on that joy. :)

Luzid said...

Congrats, guys and gals. Best of luck to you all!

You know what would be really fun, Julie? To let us read the loglines for these before the next round. : )

Chris said...

congrats to the 18 semifinalists! and thanks to Julie, Jim, and all the readers for their labor of love. even though i'm not moving on, it's been a great experience and glad to know the contest was so competitive.

can't wait for next year's

Edward said...


Best news all day!


Thank you!

Mike Scherer said...

Congratulations to one and all and good luck down the road.

Keep Writing,

P. Barb said...

Congrats to everyone.