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Friday, September 12, 2008

Script Copier

Just a little plug for my friend Maziar, who runs the best script copy shop in LA. Mazi copies all scripts submitted to The Script Department and the scripts for the Silver Screenwriting Competition as well. I couldn't operate my business without him. In fact, at least two to three times a week you'll find me down at Mazi's picking scripts and shooting the sh*t.

Even before I opened The Script Department, I used Mazi's service to copy single scripts and get them sent overnight to various reps and producers. It was SO much easier on my printer and I never had the leave the house. He is an amazing person, much beloved by everyone who knows him and his service is affordable and expert.


Hi friends!
Now that summer is almost over, the strikes are finished, Obama & McCain have chosen their vice presidential candidates, the recession is happening, gas prices have fallen (well, a few pennies at least) & we all need to save as much as we can, I wanted to remind everyone that we’re still here and need your support to continue providing the following services, with highest quality, lowest prices, best service & always a smile.

Digital Express ETC. &
May the Force be with You!

· Script Submissions – Print, Bind & Ship with Tracking Number – Only $15!!!!!

· Digital Script/Manuscript/Fliers/Brochures – Black & White on 20lb White Paper – 2cents per page – No Minimum

· Booklets/Manuals

· 2500 Business Cards, Full Color Double Sided on 16pt Gloss with UV Coating - $130.00

· 500 Magnet Business Cards on 12pt with UV Coating - $119.00

· 5000 Postcards, 4x6, Full Color Double Sided on 16pt Gloss with UV Coating or Matte Stock - $222.00

· Digital Color Output – 49cents – No Minimum

· Mailboxes with Suite Numbers on Wilshire Blvd., 24/7 Secure Access – 4 months free with One Year Pre-Paid contract!

· FedEx Services, Domestic & International, Express & Ground

· Scanning & converting paper originals to editable Word/Final Draft or PDF.

· And many more services and products – just ask & if we can’t do it, we’ll refer you to someone who can!

For all your printing needs, check out Script Copier.

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Chris said...

Seriously, Maziar is the best. Can't say it often enough.

Jake said...

I'll second that. I've used him on a consistent basis, and am constantly impressed with the quality of his work and service. No one does it better!