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Monday, September 29, 2008

Short Scene Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Gerry Hayes, of Dublin, Ireland, for his short scene win here on the Rouge Wave. All three finalists were superb and Gerry's is a well deserved win. Gerry, contact the front desk to collect your prize.

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Kirkland said...

I'm glad that idiot who wrote, Naked Comes the President finished dead last. He couldn't spell scene if you spotted him the s-c-e and n, and he sure as hell can't write one.

I'm damn glad he lost. He deserved it!

Julie Gray said...

For those Wavers who may be confused by this comment - I must blow your cover, Kirkland - Kirkland and the writer of Naked Comes the President are one and the same. :)

Luzid said...

For the record, I thought NCTP should have won - it has the best *original* premise.

I thought Oranged was cute, but it borrowed from another movie - perhaps unknowingly? It would be an interesting case of late parallel development if this writer has never seen Super Troopers.

At any rate, congrats to the the winner as well as the finalists!

Kirkland said...'re no fun, Julie.

Though I will now also confess that based on the treatment I wrote which had its germination from, Naked Comes the President (which won't be the title when it's finished) has just been bought (well. okay, I've been paid a little bit of money to take the idea further) by a leading comedic talent who is hoping to make a sort of comeback to the silver screen (read: needs a hit).

And had it not been for Julie's little contest, and the kick start to a new idea, I doubt I would've written anything like this.

So, kids, here's a lesson for you--you never know where an idea might go, right?

E.C. Henry said...

Though I must admit, having competed and been promptly dispatched, "Congradulations (J)Gerry..." (Newman voice from Seinfeld inferred)

Just kidding, top dog. Keep rockin'. Hope you write full scripts like you write 1 page scenes. 'Cuz you rock, top dog.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA