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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Elmer Gantry and the RWII

The Movie of the Week Club will be discussing movies we have recently watched on the RWII forum.

RWII? What in the heck? Well, I figured since Wavers are a comment-y, chatty sort, I'd create a site related to the Rouge Wave - the cleverly named Rouge Wave II, where events, discussions, networking and various bulletin board items can be found.

For a discussion on ELMER GANTRY, cruise on over to the RWII and chime in.

So make a note - going forward, events, movie discussions and a new forum are all available on the Rouge Wave II. I shall link to it as needed but I encourage Wavers interested in networking to click on over now. Go ahead, go add your footprint. Be courteous, be interesting and be excellent to each other.

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