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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out Damn Virus, Out!

The seasons are changing from summer to fall here in Los Angeles, which means that evenings have grown 3 or 5 degrees cooler, the palm trees are slightly less dusty, the new year of television programming has kicked off and the kids are getting ready for Rosh Hashana by singing cute little apple and honey songs as they skip by my house on the way to schul.

It also means that a cold virus is making the rounds and yours truly has been chosen out of a lottery to be a temporary guest host for said virus. So that's pretty fun. Zicam is all the rage out here in Hollywood so I've purchased my supply and wait to be another happy success story. So I haven't got much to say on the Rouge Wave today and I apologize for that. Nature is having her way with me.

Please keep those short scene competition scripts rolling in - the deadline is tomorrow, September 24th at midnight my time.

Also, if you haven't visited already, there are several interesting discussions happening over at the Rouge Wave II, so be sure to weigh in.

And two events reminders:

Sunday, September 28th at 7pm in West Hollywood, we are having our first ever Rouge Wave networking and motivational dinner with special guest, Derek Rydall. Please RSVP HERE if you plan to attend.

Also, on Wednesday, October 15th, The Script Department is hosting a table read of Vining Wolff's play Sentinel Hill Sniper at 7:30pm at the Attic Theater in Culver City. Please RSVP HERE if you'd like to attend.

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Kirkland said...

Feed a cold, starve a fever (or however that saying goes)...delete a virus?

Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Warm fresh ginger lemonade. Works for me every time. Get well, Julie.

Julie Gray said...

Thank you, Kirkland and Anonymous :)