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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Until We Meet Again....

....well Wavers, the Creative Screenwriting Expo is finally over. Because the Wave-inatrix is always working for you, 24/7, I managed to get several of the guest speakers interested in writing guest blogs in the upcoming weeks. So we can look forward to some expert view points and unique angles from some of the Rouge Wave's new friends very soon.

I have a utopian vision of a blog so darn entertaining that Wavers need smelling salts to break the hypnotic spell. Reading the Rouge Wave will be like lying down in a field of poppies on a spring day. Like falling into a warm vat of chocolate syrup. Like getting a massage while eating caviar. Like - okay I'm too exhausted to come up with anything else than that The Rouge Wave and The Script Whisperer are just so lucky, honored and grateful to have been asked to take part in such a cool event for screenwriters. I met hundreds of writers. I heard all kinds of pitches. I bonded with other consultants and vendors in the exhibitor's hall. I watched SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS about 8,000 times. I got free boxed lunch. I talked to people from all over the world. It was wonderful.

I said it on the podium as I presented an award and I'll say it now - thank god for the passion and the drive and the creativity of writers - because you guys make my day every single day. How many people absolutely love their jobs?

Upward and onward, shall we? I will post the top three Halloween short scenes this Wednesday, on Halloween, natch. So be ready to vote for the number one short Halloween scene, Wavers.

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1 comment:

IM Anonymous said...

I may not be able to meet the Halloween deadline. I'm now obligated to turn over 20 pages of a promised re-writeo which is now due by the 31st. Gulp!

PS: I see you read the previously un-edited (and which I found to be...ummmmmm...slightly off putting even for me) blog "about me" page. And yet you still offered a cupcake. How sweet.

Time to get to work.