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Friday, October 26, 2007

Live From the Creative Screenwriting Expo

Hello, Wavers! Still at the buzzing center of over 3,500 aspiring writers here at the Expo. Seth Rogen is scheduled to speak shortly. I expect we exhibitors will be left in our ballroom with only the sound of the air conditioner to entertain us.

Interesting items:

*Carny barker guy still doing his thing every 90 minutes. All booths opposite his are gathering for a meeting later to decide how and when to off him and make it stop.

*Magicians at party last night used lighter fluid as prop. Nobody was hurt but I did smell singed hair.

*Marc Zicree just came by the Script Whisperer booth and chatted. What a nice man.

*Cinestory brought their own couches and chairs and have a lounge instead of a booth. All booths opposite theirs are gathering later to decide how and when to off them and make it stop.

*Am told I should not knit during the down times because then men will not want to use my service.

*The Great American Pitchfest just stopped by the booth and left behind a huge basket of Famous Amos cookies. Tired writers are now getting their 3rd wind, fueled by sugar and caffeine. I hid the basket - it's getting ugly.

*Only 3 out of 10 passersby recognize SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS, the movie playing at my booth.

*Guesses for the number of brads in the fishbowl at my booth have ranged from 3,500 to 291. The prize for the closest guesser is pretty generous but writers obviously can't count. Booths opposite mine have plied me for answers continuously then they all disappeared for awhile. Huh.

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Laura Reyna said...

"*Am told I should not knit during the down times because then men will not want to use my service."

I taught myself how to knit last yr. I'm still at the mostly scarves stage.

I've never knitted in public but hear people find it fascinating to watch. But i can see the reverse, too. Men might find it too "girlie".

...OR... they may think of you as "nurturing" & that you'll be "kinder & gentler" in your coverage...

I'd knit if I got bored. I'd sit behind a table & keep the knitting underneath so people couldn't see it walking by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Having NOT seen the fishbowl (and therefore I am unable to calculate the brads need to fill said fishbowl), I'm making a stab in the dark: 2727

Since I missed (by one) the last contest, should I win, I will, in addition to whatever is the prize for being the correct guesser this time, expect a bonus prize of at least one cupcake.

Julie Gray said...

Well as it turns out, I wouldn't have really had much time to do it anyway. But I thought that such a curious limitation. I suppose there is that Gladwellian "Blink" moment when a person might have this instant perception of "older" "matronly" "sweet" "boring" something or other. I have seen tattooed, smoking people knit. But I guess you also have to also have a lean body and a surly face. Which I don't have, lol.

Bottom line is that no matter what you're doing, people make this quick association, subconsciously, about the way you look, and in my case, my booth, the colors, everything. What can I do but just be assured that people are ultimately drawn to a professional good at what she does?