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Monday, October 15, 2007


You've waited, you've wondered, you've written the Wave-inatrix asking - when will we have another good old fashioned malapropalooza day on the Rouge Wave?

Well, Wavers, today is your lucky day; we at the Rouge Wave are privileged to be joined by the extraordinarily gifted Christina Hamlett who also just so happens to share my sense of humor and perhaps more importantly - my love of writers, of story, and of a good malaprop to lighten the day.

So without further ado, from the vaults of Ms. Christina Hamlett, the Rouge Wave presents:

1. Suddenly the door opened slowly.

2. As the expedition neared the campsite, Helena suddenly screamed. There, in the clearing, lay a poached rhino.

3. Margaret blanched aggressively.

4. A menacing voice suddenly came from Rodney's rear.

5. Peter's face descended into perfect blankness.

6. Greg's eyes fell to Sue's ankles and followed her out the door.

Long time readers of the Rouge Wave know that the Wave-inatrix uses the term malaprop loosely to encompass both a real, live malaprop or just any use of the language that is inadvertently funny. Examples are always anonymous and changed up just the slightest bit for the sake of the writer.

Some weeks ago, one Perturbed Rouge Waver wrote in:

Dear Wave-inatrix, these malaprops are not very nice! Pulling words out of context isn't fair!

To which I replied:

Dear Perturbed, even in context these examples were wrong and more importantly - lighten up. Malapropalooza is meant in fun. You should be so lucky as to have your malaprop in the Rouge Wave. I love them.

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millar prescott said...

Hah! Another collection of gems.

Re. Perturbed - Clearly, his view is clouded.

Emily Blake said...

If you don't want people to make fun of your stupidity, don't be stupid.