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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Scene Competition!

Well Wavers, we've done Magnanimous Feet and we've done Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot - but Halloween approaches and it's time to roll out yet another completely ridiculous, just-for-fun scene competition. After all, writing is supposed to be fun, right? And Wavers need to know how to write on assignment. So here goes:

The Pumpkin, Paradox, Periwinkle Short Scene Competition


Write a one-page scene using the words pumpkin, paradox and periwinkle anywhere in the scene. Make the scene Halloween-themed, any genre. Could be funny, could be terrifying, could be poignant. But you have one page and you must use those three words anywhere within that scene.


PDF or Final Draft is preferred but the Wave-inatrix is a softie at heart and anything short of a crumpled receipt will be reviewed.


Please submit your scene HERE by Sunday, October 28th. On Monday the 29th, I will post the top three finalists and in a Rouge Wave tradition - Rouge Wavers will vote for the winner.

Lots of Prizes!

A $25 gift certificate to a choice of: the Landmark or AMC theaters

A $10 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon

A 25% gift certificate toward any Script Whisperer service. (offer expires November 15th)

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