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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Live From the Creative Screenwriting Expo

The Expo is reaching a fever point; my candy jar is almost empty. People are coming to the Script Whisperer booth just for the candy at this point. This could grow into a hostage situation.

Items of Interest:

*Carny guy has only done his thing once so far today, thank the goddess. The guest speakers, having finished their gigs are beginning to circulate among the general population.

*The social fabric is beginning to break down in the Exhibition Area; vendors are starting to socialize with writers.

*the air conditioning is taking a toll on everyone, with immune systems plumetting and scratchy throats reigning.

*Big speaker today - Scott Frank. He has not co-mingled with the general population yet.

*Comedy night at the networking party last night was so loud and abrasive that most revelers wound up in the hallway.

*Stewart the security guy gave the Wave-inatrix a free lunch. If you don't have a free lunch pass the lunch, which consists of a piece of fruit, a sandwich and a bag of Lays chips costs $19.95.

Well, Wavers, that's enough for now. The farewell party is soon and the Wave-inatrix will be belly up to the bar for a well deserved extra dry martini with extra olives.

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1 comment:

Raven said...

The price of the lunch is for the benefit of the out-of-towners, who can then go home and complain about how expensive everything is in LA.