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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short Scene Competition: TCN

Well, Wavers - it's that time of year again. No, not tax time - that gets enough air-time, don't you think? No, it's short scene competition time! And this one is a humdinger - the prize is a free pass to the The Great American Pitch Festat the Marriott Burbank, June 20-22nd. That's worth $350, folks.

And all for writing the best short scene containing the words: taxes, cantaloupe, numb.

Deadline is May 1st, submit HERE.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions must be ONE PAGE only
Semi-finalists must not contain ANY typos or malaprops
PDF or FD submissions only, via EMAIL
3 semi-finalists will be posted on the Rouge Wave on May 7th

Voting Guidelines:

Submissions will be judged by overall execution (format, absence of typos, a clean and clever page) as well as the clever use of the keywords: taxes, cantaloupe, numb. Do not just throw the words in haphazardly - use them well.

The prize is a pretty valuable one, Wavers, so please take this seriously and only send in your best work. The Wave-inatrix will cut zero slack on this one.

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Cathy Krasnianski said...

May we send this in Final Draft?

Anonymous said...

ONE page! You're really hauling out your leather chaps on this one.

J.J. said...

Q: Do the key words--taxes, cantaloupe, numb--have to be used in the order you've given?

I'm going to enter this "contest" just for fun (personally, I think the "prize," if the Wave-inatrix is unencumbered, nee unattached, should be that the Wave-inatrix go on a date with the winner. This may be self-serving, but there it is.) just to see if I can be clever in a screenwritery sort of way.

One page, eh?

We'll do what we can.

Julie Gray said...

lol J.J. Hey, I'm a cheap date! The words can appear in any order as long as together, they work in context. In past competitions, some Rouge Wavers have thrown them in very randomly. If your character is eating cantaloupe, put that in context, don't just throw it on the table at their elbow. Eating cantaloupe after a dentist appointment when one is numb could be a good comic setpiece, for example. You know, those little melon balls?