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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Strike Over Soon?

Well, Wavers, apparently there was a break-through in the negotations between the AMPTP and the WGA and some say the strike might be resolved as early as this week. We hope, right? I could jump for joy. So many dear friends are unemployed because of this, the city of LA is losing millions of dollars a week - everybody has suffered, from writers to below-the-line crew to restauranteurs, hotels, local merchants and more.

I, like you Wavers, am a writer. Ahem - of more than the Rouge Wave, I mean! Don't get me wrong, the Rouge Wave is a love child, but like you, I also have an arsenal of scripts and plenty of ideas for new material. And so I must point out that in a way, the strike being over makes the blood run cold for just a second because the question arises - did you make the most of this strange time? Did you keep writing writing writing? Are you ready for competition season? Are you ready for the floodgates to reopen? It wouldn't matter so very much if not for the fact that I know that many writers - guild and non - were very productive during the strike. So there's a whole lot more competition on the market this spring. Will your script stand out? Do you have more than one in great shape to query?

So as hopes run high that the strike may soon be a thing of the past - please let this be true - this week on the Rouge Wave, we're going to trot out some older discussions of various screenplay elements, dust them off and have a look at them again. We have an awful lot of new Rouge Wavers, so we'll spare them rifling through the archives and make it easy.

Tomorrow - writing great action lines.

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Tavis said...

If the strike does end this week, how long do you suggest waiting before sending out queries and contacting agents? I'm assuming it's going to take a few days for everyone to get back in the swing of things.

Julie Gray said...

Tavis - I was just speaking to my manager about this and he said it would be wisest to wait several weeks after the strike ends before submitting since there will be an avalanche of GOOD stuff. Take that few weeks to polish the hell out of your script, make sure it's as perfect as can be.