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Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Short Scene Competition

All right. Christmas is just around the corner so let's do this thing. The short scene must be Christmas themed and include the keywords below:

Egg nog

Write a one page short scene which includes the keywords, above. Put the words in context, and make it creative and clever. The words should be key in the scenes, not just a passing inclusion. Don't just slot them in there somewhere. Genre doesn't matter, just keep it to one page.

Please turn your short scenes in by Friday, December 12th by 11:59pm Pacific Time. I will select the top three and post them here for voting on Monday, December 15th.***

Because it's Christmas and I'm feeling generous, how about a $50 gift certificate to a vendor of your choice: Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Entry Fee:
Don't be silly.

Submit your scene HERE.

***Shall we vote in the usual way or should I find a super cool guest judge to decide the winner this time? Leave your comments either way.

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Christina said...

Since some entrants in your competitions resort to friends and family stuffing the stocking (if you will), I think using a sole guest judge is way more fair. So that's my vote.

Julie Gray said...

I agree with you, Christine, that there has been some dubious voting. This is why I suggested a guest judge. We'll see what most Wavers want to do.

DougJ said...

Guest judge.

Preferably someone with the word 'judge' in their name, like Mike Judge or Judge Reinhold.

millar prescott said...

Guest judge.

Julie Gray said...

Maybe I can get Judge Judy?

Anonymous said...

Judge Julie.

Wendy said...

I think a guest Judge would be good, but only if it IS a super cool guest judge.

Joshua James said...

Do we email them as a pdf, or what's your preference?

It's my first time, heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

A guest judge would be better.

R.A. Porter said...

I'd have to agree about the ballot stuffing problems. Let's try a guest judge, or maybe a guest panel.

You could whittle down to the three semis and then pick a few of your usual commenters to do the final selection if you can't find a cool enough guest judge.

Anonymous said...

same question as josh...pdf?