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Monday, December 17, 2007

Ponies and Stuff

Well. New Rouge Wave ultra-favorite Monica has sent the Wave-inatrix a pony. That's right. And here she is. I call her Blanca. Muchos besos and cupcakes to you, Monica.

Now. As for the holiday short scene competition The Wave-inatrix mailbox is full to overflowing. I have received literally dozens of submissions and may struggle to read them all. The deadline was Friday, December 21st at 5pm Pacific but would those Wavers still planning to submit have a thrombosis if I moved the deadline up to Wednesday 5pm? This is a landslide of reading that I cannot keep up with. Submit now or forever hold your peace!

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Jake Hollywood said...

Geez. Today is Tuesday. I haven't even started yet--can we split the difference (I was after all busy at the Scene of the Crime Rally today, not to mention spending eight hours a day at my regular spots--and I'm bone tired) and make it Thursday by 8pm Pacific time?

Julie Gray said...

For you? FINE. You know I can't resist you, Jake. But make it snappy!