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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Short Scene Winner!

With a 73% vote, Ann Thurber is the winner of the Rouge Wave Holiday Short Scene competition! Congratulations, Ann, what a way to start the New Year! Please contact the Wave-inatrix to collect your fabulous prizes:

$25 gift certificate to AMC theaters

A copy of Michael Hague's Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds, courtesy of The Great American Pitch Fest

A three month pass to Pitch Perfect, courtesy of the Writer's Store and the Great American PitchFest. This pass allows you to upload your video pitch on their website, along with your contact information, logline, and other information, where it is watched by industry executives. To check it out, please visit Pitch Perfect.

ShowHype: hype it up!

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Ann said...

Since there had been so much controversy regarding my script entry, I had written to Julie asking her to remove it. I write because I love writing. She made the decision not to remove it.

I did not repeatedly vote for myself, as was suggested. I did not send out a mass e-mail, as was suggested. But, I definitely notified friends, as I thought everyone would and most likely did. I feel fortunate to have some wonderful friends, but once they were told, I had no control over whether or not they chose to vote. Although I received messages that friends voted for my script after reading all submissions, I have no way of knowing if any clicked on the site and simply voted, as would none of us, in either case. Online voting, even if rules are clear, is not scientific. Either way, friends who said they voted did not make up the point total.

I enjoyed reading the other two scenes in the contest and found them to be good. I wish you both success—and success to all on Rouge Wave. I thank everyone who voted for my script, and I thank Julie, Great American Pitch Fest, and The Writer’s Store for the generous gifts.

Sincere best to all,

Jake Hollywood said...

Ann kinda sounds like John Edwards with his 501(c) pacs, "I didn't encourage them--in fact, I'm really againt the 527 IRS rule--but, hey, what can you do, right?

I mean, this contest was almost like an All-Star ballot anyway, except the fans didn't get to vote for their All-Star, they just got to vote for one of the three that the Rouge Waver Queen thought were best...

And then Ann's friends stuffed the ballot box.

I wonder if this is just a one-time instance or if it has happened before? As I recall that last contest was close, so I guess it's just a one time quirk of popularity.

(Yeah, I know, I didn't enter so I should shut up...maybe if the writer's strike ever ends I can play next time),

Julie Gray said...

This is indeed the first time we ever had such a lopsided vote, yes. And yes, the Rouge Wave Queen does decide on the top three. That's my little perk. Next time, however, I will be more clear about the ground rules and hopefully we'll have not a popular vote but a vote based only on quality and criteria. At this point it's not productive for me to speculate but only to offer sincere congratulations to the winner.

Jake Hollywood said...

I guess I'm suspicious by nature, especially that middle paragraph is quite telling...that last line is interesting, Either way, friends who said they voted did not make up the point total.

How does Ann know that? How would anyone know that?

The whole whole paragraph sounds a little bit too alibi-ish, but really seems like a mea culpa to me...

Yeah, yeah. I'll shut up now.