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Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year Reflections - in Haiku

Cold windy night out
Christmas tree a skeleton
Uncertainty reigns

Any Rouge Wavers want to give it a whirl?

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The Other Pete said...

Should auld acquaintance
buy the next round at the pub,
how can I not drink?

Anonymous said...

A glass of champagne,
or four, before the ball drops.
Who am I kissing?

Anonymous said...

Pour me a drink,
And I'll tell you a lie.
I'm the designated driver.

D. Montoya said...

This year, writers strike.
Next year, straight to internet.
Who needs studios?

Geena said...

chase the boar
follow the rat
dash of salt

and, is the following a haiku?

live fast
die young
leave a pretty corpse

Julie Gray said...

No, Geena, that's not correct Haiku format. Wiki the term.

DougJ said...

Chinese food, wine - check
Twilight Zone marathon - check
Parties. Who needs 'em?