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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 1st Anniversary of the Rouge Wave!

For the full effect: cue up "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and KiKi Dee (remember her?)

Ah, what a realization. Bittersweet. Funny. Amazing. Tussling with IM Anonymous (hello, darling), trading witty repartee with Jake Hollywood. Reading Christian Howell's long comments, smiling at lovely Emily's posts, laughing at the great haikus, and judging the Magnanimous Feet competition...Who can forget the talented MovieQuill? Or Dare Kent, winner of the Halloween competition? Good times.

The Rouge Wave has gone from three readers - me, my mom and my cousin Wayne to between 150 and 200 readers on a slow day and over 350 on a good one. Wavers are from all over the world, in dozens of countries and virtually every continent. Many, many more read the Rouge Wave than comment - we have lurkers. And a couple of trolls but the Wave-inatrix makes short work of them as we all know. Mostly, we are, as advertised, a happy little corner of the screenwriting universe and the Wave-inatrix has such fun flipping on the lights every morning to provide a little info-tainment.

There are so many guest bloggers to thank - most recently Billy Mernit, but so many others who took a few minutes to give Wavers their point of view. And the Mini-Wave-inatrix, for reviewing several movies last summer. And thank you to my partners Margaux, Dave and Andrew for gamely throwing in as well. My good friend Signe at the Great American Pitch Fest has been so good to the Rouge Wave and of course Christina Hamlett has been as well. And Casper, my web designer, my right arm and my good pal; I couldn't wake up in the morning and do one damn thing right without you. Oh, there are just so many of you who are the wind beneath my wings. Including you, Rouge Wavers.

Thank you Rouge Wavers - thank you for continuing to come back to see what's happening on the Rouge Wave. Thank you for your wit, your cantankerousness, your humor and your smarts. I've had a very good time being the mistress of the Rouge Wave and if it's all right with you guys, I'll continue doing so.

Cupcakes for all my friends!

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Lianne said...

Happy Birthday Rouge Wave!

potdoll said...

Happy Blogday!


Christian M. Howell said...

Happy Anniversary. Hopefully I can give you some more to read.

Phil Dale said...

I've sort of de-lurked already, but imagine me now materialising off your starboard bow all Klingon-like, to shoot you a Happy Anniversary Rouge Wave!

And then (ripple effect) I'm gone...

Julie Gray said...

thank you, everybody, for your well wishes! Christian, I would expect no less, you nutty writer!

And Phil, dear Phil, who loves your sweet, crazy-talented self? That's right. The Wave-inatrix does.

D. Montoya said...

Happy Anni Rougie!
I hope for many more years of your wit and wisdom.