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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


That's right, Rouge Wavers, it's that time. I have again collected a small sampling of my favorite belly-laugh malapropisms. I have a special glass jar where I plunk them when I find them and save them just for you. It's just a short list this time. Oh, but such a good one:

Polished to a “I”.

A mop has gathered to watch the stoning.

Our time is neigh.

A medic sows up his leg.

You loose, I win.

The crowd clams down.

Sigmund approaches the Maiterde.

A gigantic blue portly fish bodied bird faced creature flew by.

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DougJ said...

'You loose, I win.'

In a certain context, that would make sense.

JPS said...

My favorite one occurred many years ago when I was writing a novel. The line read:

"Harry wagged his giner at Archie."

Sometimes a finger is just a finger and sometimes it's a...well, you get the point.

Christian M. Howell said...

I can only say it's amazing what can be considered vindication.

Onward and upward.

Fun Joel said...

You loose, I win is tops in my book! Nice!

I can't believe I've never stumbled onto your corner of the Scribosphere before. Good stuff! I'll be adding you to my feeds for daily reading! Welcome to the fun. :-)

Julie Gray said...

Welcome to the Rouge Wave, Fun Joel! You are now an honorary Rouge Waver! So glad you like Wave-World. Tell all your friends!

Dominic said...

Ah, my girlfriend is always coming out with these. My favorite is "It's nothing to be sneezed at"