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Friday, August 24, 2007

Gearing up for Fall

Summer is winding down, Labor Day is in a week and the possibility of a WGA strike casts a shadow. Kids are going back to school, competitions are beginning to announce results and for some, the leaves might even be turning color. Here in LA the leaves have achieved that nice, crisp, end of summer dust coating. Ah, how I like to watch the seasons turn.

But Rouge Wavers, we cannot afford to get sentimental nor can we afford to conjecture or worry about a possible strike. What writers need to be doing right now is gearing up for Fall by reviewing your cache of writing material for scripts that you want to submit to the competitions next Spring. You heard me right. Because it ain't too early. Another competition season means another opportunity to get your work out there. Take some time to review the scripts you have in your arsenal or alternatively, have a look at what you're working on right now. Is it gonna be ready next spring? A writer's chances go up with the amount of material they generate.

We have had a lot of new Rouge Wavers lately - so this might be a good time to remind everybody about the potentially energizing and motivating idea of writing a personal mission statement. What are your goals as a writer in general? What are your goals for this coming year? This Fall? 2008? Sometimes simply articulating that you will find representation in 2008 can be the key to actually doing it.

Have a great weekend, everybody. And don't forget to make the Wave-inatrix proud and find time to write. Rouge Wave high-five.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was ready to throw in the towel. This morning I made it to round two of Slamdance! I'm a contender, I got class. Progress is progress!