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Friday, August 17, 2007

Great Blog Resource for TV Writers

...So every once in awhile I check my site meter just to make sure my mom isn't the only Rouge Waver reader (hi mom!) and also look to see where Rouge Wave visitors are coming from. And today I noticed a reader who clicked over from a blog I was unfamiliar with. A short visit later, I was really impressed by this blog and wanted to share it with Rouge Waver readers, front and center. It's Running With My Eyes Closed and it is, as my good buddy Manolo the Shoeblogger would say, super fantastic! So add this gem to your daily reads you aspiring television writers!

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Jill Golick said...

Well, hey. Thank you for that lovely reccomendation. I read you every day.

Julie Gray said...

And I you! Starting now! It's hard to find good information about television writing. Ironically most of my friends write for television or aspire to, though I write features myself. The two worlds are quite different so I'm glad that I can point your blog out to Rouge Wavers!