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Monday, August 27, 2007

Logline vs. Premise Line

shecanfilmit asks a good question, apropos of Premise Line Testing, and that is what is the difference between a logline and a premise line. I have seen and heard really disparate opinions of the definitions and differences between the two but here is how I personally define the two:

Logline: an after-the-fact, very short description of your script. It's a very brief thumbnail, it ain't poetic, it's not really a big selling tool, it just nutshells the concept of your script very briefly.

Premise line: a tool for you, the writer, as you are developing your idea. Closer to two or even three sentences. Mentions the genre, main character, antagonist and crux of the conflict. When your script is done and your premise line is very sexy and defined, it actually can be a selling tool in a pitch meeting because it elaborates and articulates your story more than a log.

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